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About Us

Welcome to Loni M Designs

Prominent in the home furnishings industry, Loni M Designs is noted for its keen sense of style, colors, fabric selections and craftsmanship. From originally designing and manufacturing custom pillows only, Loni M designs has come a long way to a full collection of sofas, chairs, ottomans, chaise lounges, benches and headboards over 25 plus years . All manufacturing and distribution is done in the USA, out of a 300,000 sq. ft. facility in the Los Angeles, CA furniture district.

Our Business Model

We have maintained our focus on developing strong partnerships with e-commerce website, multi-unit chain stores and interior designers. Significant portion of our business is via e-commerce websites, retailers and high-end interior designers from all over USA. Providing quality products at the right price points insures growth in our businesses.

Fashion Forward

Our commitment to creativity and staying true to the cycle of change in home furnishing is influenced by our lead designer Sheila G's extensive background in the fashion industry. Her knowledge and expertise in the fashion industry for 21 years allows her to bring the cutting edge of the runways into the home furnishing industry. Sheila has an extensive background in manufacturing, design, merchandising, tie-dye techniques, screen printing and textiles. When your environment is pleasing to the eye it soothes and calms the soul. We design to make your home a unique place expressing your sense of styles.

Classic and Modern

To accentuate the appeal of our collection, Loni M. Designs features some traditional pieces as well as contemporary and mid-century modern styles. Our attention to lifestyle trends, fabrics and colors allows us to provide home furnishings to our clients that provide comfort, style and quality. Our factory turns product in 3 to 4 weeks from start to finish. We have achieved the unique distinction of combining quality, trend, and craftsmanship in our collection.